5 mistakes small businesses make when doing their own bookkeeping

Picture this: your business is underway and all of a sudden you’re immersed into the highs and lows that come with a start-up. First things first, you’ve pinned down your priorities on the wall; Networking. Contacting prospective clients. Building rapport with existing clients. Check, check, check! However, resting silently on your desk with its devious gleam, is that growing pile of invoices waiting patiently to be noticed.

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The decision-making process: what you need to know to avoid problems

No matter the size, a business can face a number of problems during its decision making process; this process can be crucial to its survival and productivity.

Adopting a decision means choosing between different alternatives. A decision can be interpreted as choosing between different ways of action. Here are the different stages of the decision-making
process, that you can use to help make better decisions:

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3 Accounting Threats To Watch Out For

When dealing with the finances of a company, extra caution needs to be taken as the business’ success can drop from 100 to 0 very quickly if something goes wrong in the
accounting processes and within the accounting firm.

Watch out for these areas of vulnerability in order to maintain financial safety and governance.

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